High picking accuracy and efficiency enable automation
in the picking process.

Product sorting and picking work requires high standards such as takt time and recognition success rate, and there is also the problem of inefficiency when doing it manually. An AI-equipped 3D camera scans the shape of the product, characters printed on its surface, codes, etc. at high speed, and a robot automatically sorts and picks the products.


Hands that feel like your own can handle a wide variety of products.

The three fingers firmly support the product and allow you to grip the product stably. We handle soft, deformable and irregularly shaped items quickly and carefully.


Accurately judge characters and logos using AI recognition

Equipped with a unique AI, it can recognize characters and logos and perform the same sorting work as humans.

High-speed operation enables 1,500 pieces/hour

Equipped with a high-speed processor, it has high data processing capacity and high-speed operation with high-speed and high-efficiency operation, achieving a pick capacity of 1500 pieces/hour.


Equipped with a highly sensitive safety system, so you don't need a safety fence and save space!

Can handle workpieces under complex conditions such as obstacles, tilting, and close proximity.

Equipped with a high-performance camera to accurately recognize workpieces. Compatible with over 1,000 types of cardboard boxes and parts.

Recognition success rate of over 99.99%. Equipped with alarm signal in case of abnormality.

Recognizes the quantity and placement method of the workpieces at the top and plans the optimal gripping quantity based on requirements.

High stability boasting mean time between failures ≥40,000 hours.

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