Attack the 
future with robots

When working on a project, we place particular importance on listening carefully to the voices of the people working on-site using robot systems.
This is where our proposal, technical, and human resource development capabilities have been honed as our customers' industries and occupations vary from project to project.
We provide solutions to help our customers achieve the future they desire, with a focus on "service over technology."


More than just robot sales
“Field-based” productivity improvement support service

Our company is made up of engineers with extensive robot introduction experience and field experience cultivated through transactions with major robot manufacturers. We provide "on-site" productivity improvement support services that help resolve on-site issues with our extensive know-how and proposal capabilities for improving productivity.


Major robot manufacturers are weak
Fast and flexible support system

We can design, manufacture, and provide support (technical support) for industrial/collaborative robots and sensor technology in-house, allowing us to respond quickly and flexibly. Even in remote locations or when immediate response is required, we are able to provide online technical support and online maintenance, and have built a system that can quickly support the production lines of small and medium-sized enterprises with short delivery times.


Practical human resource development support

When handling industrial robots, it is necessary to receive special education on industrial robots, which is a major barrier to introduction. Our strength is that we are qualified as industrial robot special education instructors, so we are able to provide industrial robot special education to individual customers. Of course, our instructors are well-versed in the industrial robots we handle, so we will support your company's introduction of robots with more practical special education.

RBB offers

multifaceted solutions to your business challenges.