A solution that automates transportation
at sites suffering from chronic labor shortages.

We propose AGVs and AMRs that are suitable for the site where they will be introduced, based on the customer's requests and conditions. We also provide total support from post-installation route editing to operational support and maintenance. Automatic transportation using AGV/AMR reduces the labor and transportation costs that were previously expended.


Easy to install with no construction required.

Since it uses cutting-edge autonomous driving technology, no installation work is required and operations can be started in a short period of time. You can easily change the route after installation, so it is easy to install.

Thorough pre-implementation simulation

Simulations can be performed at the time of introduction to identify problems such as layout and transport routes. By performing simulations, you can reduce risks during introduction and eliminate concerns and doubts before introduction.

Providing optimal support from a wealth of implementation examples

We have examples of implementation in a variety of industries, including logistics, automobiles, electronics, and the medical field, so we can provide practical support such as tips and countermeasures for operation.


It is possible to run on slopes and steps. It can handle not only indoors but also a certain level of rain, making it possible to drive outdoors.

It can also be used by customers operating at night.

It is also possible for customers to change their own travel routes by building a traffic management system.

Even after installation, we can freely change the layout to improve conveyance efficiency.

We will build an operation management system, create a campus map, and provide support tailored to your environment.

In addition to regular vehicle inspections, we also support software updates. You can always use the latest system.

We are currently preparing the content.
We are currently preparing the content.