Control panel production

RBB's control panels, power distribution boards, and operation panels are of high quality and have a proven track record in a wide range of industries.

We provide total support for both software and hardware, including the design, production, wiring work, on-site test runs, and maintenance of control panels for industrial machinery. Based on our experience working with machines in a wide range of industries, we will propose and manufacture the optimal control panel for our customers.


Total support from design to production, wiring work, and maintenance

RBB has many designers. Our designers, who have the ability to make proposals and respond to on-site needs, will provide you with consistent total support.


Flexible delivery schedule and quality control

RBB has a large number of designers, so it has a system in place that allows for in-house adjustments. We maintain thorough quality control regardless of delivery dates. Please feel free to contact us regarding short delivery times, special uses, etc.

Remote maintenance using network

Even if it is difficult to visit the site directly or you need to take immediate action, you can investigate and find problems from your device.


We handle everything from single-item custom orders to mass production.

We also handle renewals of existing equipment that are aging and modifications to improve system efficiency.

A test run was conducted with the person in charge of design present. If adjustments are necessary, we will respond promptly.

Our design staff and engineers, who have the ability to make proposals and have on-site skills, will carefully listen to your requests and make various proposals.

The RBB control panel is aesthetically pleasing. This is because we have focused on the efficiency of the control panel and eliminated waste.

We regularly hold study sessions for all employees to share their on-site experiences as well as new knowledge and techniques.