A palletizing solution that automates logistics processes.

RBB's palletizing solution uses robots to perform palletizing (loading) in the logistics process instead of humans. This robot is optimized for transferring and stacking everything from small items to heavy items, such as food and beverages, fertilizers, feed, and food products in bags, as well as cardboard, bottle cases, and building materials, onto pallets.


3D recognition supports a variety of bulk products

We can handle a wide range of items, from small items to heavy items, such as cardboard boxes, jute bags, returnable boxes, drums, fertilizers, feed, food, and bottle cases.


Minimum 5 minutes! Intuitive operation

An easy-to-use system that allows you to visually set the number of boxes, layout, number of shelves, etc.

adjustable safety sensor

Equipped with a highly sensitive safety sensor that can be adjusted to 5 levels. Safety is ensured with quick response stop within 0.01s from contact detection.


Equipped with a highly sensitive safety system, so you don't need a safety fence and save space!

Can handle workpieces under complex conditions such as obstacles, tilting, and close proximity.

Equipped with a high-performance camera to accurately recognize workpieces. Compatible with over 1,000 types of cardboard boxes and parts.

Recognition success rate of over 99.99%. Equipped with alarm signal in case of abnormality.

Recognizes the quantity and placement method of the workpieces at the top and plans the optimal gripping quantity based on requirements.

High stability boasting mean time between failures ≥40,000 hours.

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